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Through her experience Lisa D. Smith has traveled to New York, Italy, Germany, France, London, Paris and South Africa. She has modeled for such clients as Lancôme, L’Oreal, Soft-Sheen Carson, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Lays –Potato Chips, West Coast Leather, Sinclair, Versace showroom, Radiosa, Roberto Cavalli and many more. Lisa aspires to continue to broaden her model career through commercial acting and various film projects. 

Lisa loves to practice Bikram yoga, aerial silks, pole and belly dancing.  She also enjoys skateboarding, tennis, basketball, bike rides, cooking, picnics, reading and leading healthy lifestyle! Traveling is a big passion of hers and she loves to help animals.  She has been a financial contributor to ASPCA, The Human Society, Defenders of Wildlife and the Local television station PBS since 2009. 

Lisa believes that language is a quick and vital bridge that unites different cultures together! This is why she also dedicates her time to learning and up keeping up with her Italian, Turkish, Spanish and German.  “I believe that when you are able to not only express yourself, but also show a society that you have took the time to embrace and open your life to another culture but your own, there is immediate appreciation and love for your efforts” (Lisa D. Smith).  Modeling is a career that has allowed Lisa to broaden her perspective on life, meet an array of people from all over the globe and to establish value through her work.